Tuesday, 4 August 2009

While the cats away!!

So Dads of in ireland so i thought id tell you of some of our recent local antics down in the westcountry!!

A few weeks ago we went out to one of dads marks in the search of some Bass.
Altogether i must say it wasnt an amazing session, the conditions weren't brilliant but we thought we'd give it a go all the same.

In this picture we see dad with his tenryu Rod Bar

"O another one of those stupidly expensive rods" i hear you say, yes admittedly they are expensive but i think they are worth every penny! In all the rods that dad has used for lure fishing over the years he wreckons that the tenyru rods are by far the best and i can well believe it, even though i have only used it a few times as he keeps it close for himself to use!

Bellow again you can see some more close up views of the rod in question

Ok so it wasnt a particularly productive session but we had fun and at least we caught something and got to watch it swim away again !

In this picture we see dad with the "catch of the day" caught on a Duo Tide Minnow 120 Surf Holo in White, one of his many many lures!!

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