Sunday, 16 August 2009

What a week!

The boys are back in town!!

Here is a picture of the gang minus Cian who on this occasion had to work , shame as this was one of the best mornings i took eight fish and lost a monster, these guys are one of the best groups of blokes I've ever had the privilege of meeting, not to mention very talented anglers!

Here is Henry fishing a new spot one morning,we didn't do so well at high water down, but the luck changed with Henry tacking the first fish ,a cracker! at five or six pounds on a shallow feed mullet..... his favourite next i took a four and a six pounder on the yellow patchinko surface lure. these fish were taken from two hours before low and over low ,so the moral is never give up and work the best tides to suit each venue.

Over the week we walked an impressive amount of miles and fished are socks off, something we all enjoy very much!! Even if it took me a good week to recover fully!
I'm not one to spread rumors but I'm sure Henry has bionic legs?!
Now I'm really missing this place I've fallen for Ireland in a big way. Guys look after it.
It's really very special.
and i must say your all welcome to fish my patch anytime.....but you might need to bring a book!!

Here the lads are trying a spot we've not fished before, The man at the back is Graham Hill keeping a watchful eye on his apprentices .
Watch out graham! Maybe you've told them to much their getting good!


  1. Hi Andy, love the blog - Ill definately be checking it regularly! It was a great weeks fishing, with great company - so get yourself back over - there is a bed here!