Wednesday, 3 June 2009

First ever post!!

Well finally ive brought myself into the 21st century and got myself a blog!

Well over this past 2 years i have realised how much in the dark ages we are in the uk with lure and bass fishing in general and as many of the lads from ireland are now keeping you up to date with all of their exploits over their i thought it was only right that i did my bit to tell you about what we're getting up to down here in the west country.over the past 40 years i have been fishing the south and north coasts of cornwall extensively to try and catch the ultimate fish. i also recently had the pleasure to travel to the south east coast of ireland where i had the chance to meet and fish with some amazing guys and well,i thought we had good fishing! so then this is the end of my first article. Happy fishing!

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